Monday, August 04, 2008

I wonder sometimes if this is only funny to me.

This is a design I made for a kid's shirt.

Comic Con 2008...

... was pretty exhausting. I was wiped out for days. That's all the negativity I'm gonna spew out. It definitely had its highlights though. My favorite moment at Comic Con occurred on Sunday after I had already left San Diego. This story was relayed to me by my buddy BKO:

This cute little Supergirl and her dad strolled by the booth and she was drawn right to the cover of my book:

She asked her father, "What's the little girl doing?"
He replied, "I think she's building a robot."
"What's the story daddy?"
"I don't know."

And so they started flipping through the pages. And with each page the little Supergirl concocted a whole story, advancing the tale with every flip. It must have been more adorable than puppies prancing around in a cotton candy shop, while wearing bow ties... and twirling canes.... made of good thoughts. I wish I would've been there for that. Fortunately, my friends took pictures of her as she perused my book:

So I guess Comic Con wasn't so bad.