Friday, September 19, 2008

Clone Wars Crew Gear!




I've been busy doing a lot of things the last few months, including some crew gear for the show (which has been occupying more of my time than I expected). I've designed T-shirts, a water bottle, even Yoga pants. But definitely one of my favorite things I got to design was a lunchbox (with some assistance from buddy BKO).

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series

Friday, October 3 at 9 pm (Eastern/Pacific)
on Cartoon Network

The premiere of the show has finally been announced! Promos are out on television and it has been very surreal to see something that you've worked on for so long and kept secret for so long out in the world. Even though I see it all the time, I'm still excited about seeing the show actually on television for the whole world to see it. Here's the link to the promo on Cartoon