Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Go Story Crew Go!

This is a drawing of the story team by Steward Lee, that I colored. From L to R: Vincent Toscano, Bosco Ng, (Me), Sergio Paez, and Steward Lee.


Alina Chau said...

Lively animated illo!! COOLIO!!

Adolfo Rodriguez said...

Ha! I should do one with the team I work with. I will probably get complaints about it. Nice depiction though. And to answer your question about my place... no. Actually It's the total opposite. I'm even surprised myself since I never lived on my own. I am the BIGGEST neat freak. The BIGGEST! If anyone ever moves in with me, they'd make the smart descision to move out within days. I cant even stand seeing a feather on the floor. But my co-worker came up with that sketch because she probably thinks all guys are pigs. Any way hope everything is cool up North. drop by if you're in the area. I moved to North Hollywood. I'll call Fabi and Danny or Maybe Irene since I work with her, we'll all go out for a meal.


G1toons said...

nice colour work nice pic